Destination: Terror! Exhibition

Now in its third year, the group art exhibition that I help organise to accompany the Celluloid Screams Horror Film Festival is soon to leave its home for the month of October and relocate to DAda Bar.


 For this year’s brief we asked a collection of Sheffield artists to give us their take on what promotional material would look like for some of the more familiar settings and locations that exist within horror cinema.


Featuring work from Nikki Stu/Lisa O’Hara/Oliver Allchin/Jaz Parkinson/Chris Skinner and Mila K alongside three pieces of my own. One of which was a Hotel Broslin digital piece (from Basket Case 1982) that I had the privilege of showing to the films director Frank Henenlotter. I was so pleased with his response; he really loved the new interpretation of his film. I gave him a copy and asked him to sign a copy for myself, which he was nice enough to oblige (along with a great tale of releasing the film on VHS). Frank was a guest at the festival and was very generous with his time and told some amazing stories while introducing Basket Case, its sequel and Frankenhooker.


All in all an amazing three days of horror during the festival, tireless work from festival director Rob Nevitt (his twitter) - this year included an all nighter, of which I managed half of, but meant Rob operated on the Sunday without any sleep - legend!



Pumpkin Carving

 This Halloween season I was asked to carve some pumpkins for local tattoo studio Good Vibrations Tattoo. The four pumpkins would be on display in the studio in the run up to Halloween and I was given free reign to carve whatever I wanted!

I’d been aware of the potential to carve pumpkins beyond the classic triangle eyes and nose design for a few years so I’d been meaning to give it a go myself. I ended up using some wax sculpting tools to create the carvings, they worked really well but I'm keen to try out some clay sculpting tools that do a better job of removing the pumpkin matter a lot easier (the tools I used weren’t that sharp so I got a nice blister hacking away at these pumpkins!)

I’m really pleased with how they turned out and it’s certainly opened up the plan for not just future pumpkin carving next year but to attempt some clay or even digital sculpting.

 I took a few process shots while working on the final ‘Madballs’ inspired pumpkin to show you how I did it. I used a Stanley knife to remove the pumpkin skin and to cut out some large areas and then used the wax sculpting tools to refine the design.


Halloween Amber

Well it's that time of year again...the last two years started an annual tradition of working on a fun Halloween themed piece for the Sheffield Steel Rollergirls. Both those times I've done costumed versions of the team logo but this year I went for something a little different. A continuation of featuring the team's mascot 'Amber' in Halloween costume, here she is a vampire Amber in a pin-up style. 



Animated Little Shop of Horrors

Another animated version of a digital piece originally created for the Harden My Heart exhibition. Really enjoying breathing life into previously static images. The previous Terminator gif required moving elements that were already part of the work, this required a few extra frames to get Audrey II's lips to pucker.  



Animated Sarah

While working on this original digital pieces for my solo show back in March, I had a thought that certain elements could be animated as a gif. Not had that much experience creating gif's but it seems like there is loads of potential. I'll take a look at the other work and see if they'll work as animated gifs! 



Bettie Page

I recently completed a commission for a good friend of mine. The piece is a wedding anniversary gift - the custom tattoo design featuring a collection of personal references for my friend and his wife. I'm really pleased with how tattoo turned out as I was worried I wouldn't be able to make it look fully integrated into the scene and appear as a 'real' tattoo on Bettie's arm.

Bettie Page (2013) Acrylic on canvas 71cm x 91cm

Bettie Page (2013) Acrylic on canvas 71cm x 91cm

World of Superheroes Exhibition

Last month saw the first public display of ten super hero themed acrylic paintings I was commissioned to paint back in 2011. The 'Heroes' exhibition took place at the S1 Artspace in Sheffield and featured myself alongside four other artists. It was great to see all ten pieces up in a space large enough to hang them all along one wall! The exhibition also featured six older pieces and four from my recent solo exhibition.

We even managed to get some great publicity for the show as one of the other artist's sculptures make international news for its use of vintage comics. Read more about the full story HERE. It was great to catch a glimpse of my work in the background of the local news!

Massive thanks to Holly and Steve over at World of Superheroes for organising the whole thing.


Derby Store Mural

Back in October last year, I was asked to create a mural piece for a new local Roller Derby shop here in Sheffield. I've never really tackled something so large before but I was keen to give it a go (I had painted a Looney Tunes mural on my bedroom wall when I was a kid, so I guess I had some experience!) Painted over 4 days, the combined challenge of working up a ladder and dealing with the rough surface of brick work made it more of a physical experience than I'm used to (that might just be my poor fitness level though) – all in all, I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  

Thanks to Craig over at Derby Store for the opportunity.
I'm just getting ready to tackle another mural very soon so expect more pics from that job.


Iconic Images Exhibition

A great video and set of photos from the launch night of the Iconic Images Exhibition currently on display here in Sheffield. The exhibition was set up between the IDMA and Common People to breathe life back into some of the empty store fronts on our high streets. It's such a great use of the space and really proved the value of turning these empty shops into something of value and interest! The launch night was packed with people and its central location of Division Street certainly drew in a lot of passers by. I've got three new pieces of digital work in the show along side 16 other artists, including Ian Tilton and his amazing photography capturing some of music's most iconic stars.

Video by Sevenhillsfilms

Photographs by Chard Remains Photographical


The exhibition runs until May 19th and is located HERE.


Talk Is Cheap

As well as my new solo exhibition ‘Harden My Heart’, last month also saw me exhibiting for the first time in Manchester. The retrospective show (titled Talk Is Cheap) featured a little bit of everything from the last 4 years and hopefully made for a nice introduction to my work for the people of Manchester. Big thanks to StarvinArtist for organising the show through his Openhouse Gallery project and to The Black Lion for hosting. The launch night included some amazing gin cocktails (a recipe I’ve now concocted a few times since!), meeting loads of amazing people and generally chatting the night away. 

The show is still on for another week at The Black Lion (map) so be sure to catch it if you’re in the area.


Harden My Heart

The new exhibition is now up at The Old Sweet Shop in Sheffield and we had a fantastic launch night to kick it all off. The show was an opportunity to show off a new direction I've been working on for a while now and I’m really pleased with how it all turned out. The work featured in the show was created entirely digitally in Photoshop using a tablet, somewhat of a departure from my typical acrylic work. I challenged myself to work not only on portraits but to place these characters (all pieces focus on an iconic female character from cinema) into a scene and thus created detailed backgrounds for each of them to inhabit.

A massive thank you goes out to everyone that helped me along the way and in particular Emma at The Old Sweet Shop for the opportunity to display my work. 

The exhibition will run until June 2nd and all the pieces are for sale so I invite you all to visit not only for my work but for all the other amazing work they have on display. 


New Solo Exhibition

‘Harden My Heart’

April 12 – June 2

The Old Sweet Shop, Sheffield

I’m into the final week’s prep for my upcoming solo exhibition! The Old Sweet Shop here in Sheffield is somewhat of a legendary art venue and somewhere I’ve wanted to exhibit for some time. The list of past featured artists is a who’s who of amazing artists that I feel honoured to sit alongside (folks like Phlegm, Kid Acne and Nick Deakin to name a few).

This exhibition will feature all new work that I’ve created digitally. Previous shows have typically featured acrylic paintings so I’m excited to share what has been scratching away my Wacom tablet. The launch night is this coming Friday (April 12) and the show runs until June 2 so pop in if you’re in the area.

Event Page HERE


Live Art Round Up

After a fair amount of time away from the live art scene, I've found myself getting back into the act of drawing and drinking in a pub for all to see! It’s great to be doing it again and always nice to get positive feedback while working on a piece. I've taken to using pencils and chalks to achieve the finished work as its pretty quick to use. Saves me the hassle of washing out my paint brushes in the gents toilets of a busy bar! Win!

Oct 31st 2012 The Forum, Sheffield

 Nov 30th 2012 The Forum, Sheffield

 Dec 17th 2012 SOYO, Sheffield

Feb 4th 2013 SOYO, Sheffield


Paper Cuts Comes To An End

Another great exhibition at this year’s Celluloid Screams came to a close recently and I have to offer my thanks to everyone involved in helping me put it all together. First off, Rob Nevitt (festival organiser) for sharing my love for horror art and thinking it’s about time we started putting on our own shows to showcase what great local artist we have in the area! And of course all the artist involved in the show, I really couldn’t have been more impressed with the quality of work you guys produced.  The range of styles was certainly something I know went down really well with the festival goers, work ranged from pure graphic inspired takes on classic horror locations, through to paper collage and a bit of everything in-between.

The Showroom Cinema was once again a great host for the festival and exhibition - here’s hoping we’ll see their walls furnished by more horror art next year...


Paper Cuts: Alternative Horror Poster Art

28th Sep – 31st Oct
Showroom Cinema, Sheffield

Well things are almost ready for the launch of this year’s Celluloid Screams art exhibition – this year the brief was to design an alternative poster for one the many great movies previously screened at a Celluloid Screams event.

Along with Rob Nevitt (festival organiser), I’ve been organising the show for the last couple of months. Most of the work is framed up ready for hanging and I have to say I’ve been really impressed with what the other artists taking part in the show have come up with. Each one of them has understood what we were going for with this year’s brief and I think the festival-goers are going to love them all!
Go check out the official festival page HERE and take a look at what an awesome weekend of horror movie viewing they’ve come up with!

The launch night is this Friday 28th Sep (Event Page HERE) so if you’re in the area be sure to pop down and check out the art (along with the artists).


p.s. Bruce Campbell retweeted my Evil Dead piece for the show.....groovy!

Amber's Nectar

If you’re out searching for a thirst quenching beverage in Sheffield this month, look no further than a pint of Amber’s Nectar. The Sheffield Steel Rollergirls have teamed up with local brewery Blue Bee to produce a special beer that will be available in a selection of free houses in Sheffield during April. I was kindly invited to join the rollergirl on their visit to help brew Amber’s Nectar and it was great to see the processes involved (as well as the complimentary beer(s)!)

Check out a write up from Hand-Pumped Real Ale HERE.
Here’s a map showing where you can get yourself a pint of the good stuff.


ShuLife Coverage

I was recently interviewed for the Sheffield Hallam Union magazine ShuLife and as a Hallam graduate I jumped at the chance. Big thanks to Jess Wilson for including me in the mag. Hard copies are available at Hallam but HERE'S an online version for those non-students.