More Five and Dime Posters

I'm in the process of a potential reorganisation of my website and as such I’m adding these recent posters created for The Five and Dime Picture Show here, rather than on the main page of my site. As always, the guys at Five and Dime give me full freedom on these posters so they're always a pleasure to work on. I often try and use them as opportunities for new directions and these two are prime examples of that thinking. The Office Space poster was an attempt to represent a scene but not be totally bound by the screenshots, but instead view the action from a slightly different perspective. I also created the title text by hand using paint which I then digitised for use on the poster. The Swimmer poster was an attempt to move away from portrait work, something I’m invariably drawn to when conceiving film poster layouts.

I've got 4 more Five and Dime poster to work on so expect more soon