Destination: Terror! Exhibition

Now in its third year, the group art exhibition that I help organise to accompany the Celluloid Screams Horror Film Festival is soon to leave its home for the month of October and relocate to DAda Bar.


 For this year’s brief we asked a collection of Sheffield artists to give us their take on what promotional material would look like for some of the more familiar settings and locations that exist within horror cinema.


Featuring work from Nikki Stu/Lisa O’Hara/Oliver Allchin/Jaz Parkinson/Chris Skinner and Mila K alongside three pieces of my own. One of which was a Hotel Broslin digital piece (from Basket Case 1982) that I had the privilege of showing to the films director Frank Henenlotter. I was so pleased with his response; he really loved the new interpretation of his film. I gave him a copy and asked him to sign a copy for myself, which he was nice enough to oblige (along with a great tale of releasing the film on VHS). Frank was a guest at the festival and was very generous with his time and told some amazing stories while introducing Basket Case, its sequel and Frankenhooker.


All in all an amazing three days of horror during the festival, tireless work from festival director Rob Nevitt (his twitter) - this year included an all nighter, of which I managed half of, but meant Rob operated on the Sunday without any sleep - legend!