Pumpkin Carving

 This Halloween season I was asked to carve some pumpkins for local tattoo studio Good Vibrations Tattoo. The four pumpkins would be on display in the studio in the run up to Halloween and I was given free reign to carve whatever I wanted!

I’d been aware of the potential to carve pumpkins beyond the classic triangle eyes and nose design for a few years so I’d been meaning to give it a go myself. I ended up using some wax sculpting tools to create the carvings, they worked really well but I'm keen to try out some clay sculpting tools that do a better job of removing the pumpkin matter a lot easier (the tools I used weren’t that sharp so I got a nice blister hacking away at these pumpkins!)

I’m really pleased with how they turned out and it’s certainly opened up the plan for not just future pumpkin carving next year but to attempt some clay or even digital sculpting.

 I took a few process shots while working on the final ‘Madballs’ inspired pumpkin to show you how I did it. I used a Stanley knife to remove the pumpkin skin and to cut out some large areas and then used the wax sculpting tools to refine the design.