NewWebPick #33

I was recently asked to participate in the upcoming edition of NewWebPick online magazine. The full version is available now for only $2.50 (with a free “lite” version of the magazine available later). It features a collection of interviews and features on creative types from around the world. I’ve posted my pages below for your reading pleasure but would recommend the full magazine (at 470 pages it’s a steal!).

The official press release:
"Patient and Beauty" - NewWebPick #33 Full version Released!

Amaia Arrazola (Spain) / Erik Brandt (Estados Unidos) / Josh (USA) / Mute (UK) / Naoshi (Japan) / Cena (china) / See Wai Chung (Hong Kong)

===Elite Interview===
William Chua (Singapore)

===Patient and Beauty===
Husam Elfaki (Sudan) / Andrea Forgacs (UK) / Kashyap Murali (India) / Pelle Martin (Denmark) / Piyavachara Arunotai (Thailand) / Takashi Nakano (Japan) / Ting Liang (China)

===Super Pick===
Katya Reka (Ukraine) / Dody Agung Wibowo (Indonesia) / Ma Qunli (China) / Mi Ju (USA) / Thomas Clever & Gert Franke (Netherlands) / Minzi (China) / Owen Qiu (China)

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