The Thing Poster

What started out as a sketch done as a gift for a friend, turned into a fully blown digital piece! I’m currently in the concept stage of an upcoming exhibition and as such have been experimenting with portrait renders (mainly lighting) and thought this side project would be a good example to practice. John Carpenters The Thing is one of my favourite movies (don’t know if I want to stick my neck out and say it tops that list...but it might) so it was pleasure to work on. I distilled the movie down to the concept of fire and ice and tried to get that balance across in the composition and tone. Pleased with how it turned out as I’ve never really tackled painting fire before. I’ve been reading The Art of Drew Struzan recently and his influence is clear, although if he did go for the multi head shot layout (he did the original poster featuring a single figure with light pouring out of the face) I’m sure he would have managed to fit more of the cast in.

A very limited run of prints are available for £20 (plus P&P) – available HERE.